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Technical Services: For over a decade, Quantalux has offered its customers technical assessments for sustainable bioenergy systems.  We have expertise in:

  • Optimization of organic co-feedstocks (food waste and other organics).
  • Financial modeling of anaerobic digester facilities.
  • Feasibility studies for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) upgrades.
  • Technical training for operators of anaerobic digesters.

Research & Development: Our team loves to build and test prototypes. Use us as your go-to R & D resource, or to augment your internal R & D capability. Either way, Quantalux can add value and help your project take shape.

System-Wide Approach: Quantalux understands the market realities of today’s product development environment. That’s why we take a system-wide approach that balances engineering and economic factors. It’s the perfect blend of blue-sky thinking and down-to-earth solutions.

Quantalux Home


Advanced AD Operator Training Course (May 7-9, 2019)

Join us for a 3 day technical short-course on how to benefit from co-feedstocks in your anaerobic digester. This class is ideal for any experienced digester operator who wants to increase their technical skills in the areas of . . . Read More

Energy Storage Assessments at WWTPs

Quantalux staff are now offering energy assessments for wastewater treatment plants that operate anaerobic digesters. We see excellent potential for significant savings in utility costs by adopting energy storage strategies. Our staff uses data from the plant’s utility charges . . . Read More

Quantalux awarded Phase I SBIR

Quantalux has been awarded a Phase I SBIR from the USDA to develop Q-Calc, a software app for managing food waste processing at anaerobic digesters. Q-Calc will give plant operators needed real-time feedback on the impact of adding co-feedstocks . . . Read More