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Research and Development: Quantalux provides R&D services for sustainable bioenergy systems.  We have expertise in:

  • Strategies to maximize revenue for bioenergy systems.
  • Technology development for anaerobic digesters.
  • Detailed financial modeling of renewable energy systems.

Use us as your go-to R & D resource, or to augment your internal R & D capability. Either way, Quantalux can add value and really help your project take shape.

System-Wide Approach: Quantalux understands the practical realities of today’s product development environment. That’s why we take a system-wide approach that balances engineering and economic factors. It’s the perfect blend of blue-sky thinking and down-to-earth solutions.

Quantalux Home


Q-Calc: A new App for managing food waste

Quantalux is developing Q-Calc, an app for managing food waste processing at anaerobic digesters. Many wastewater treatment plants are intrigued with the idea of increasing biogas production by accepting food waste, but are concerned with process stability. Q-Calc gives . . . Read More

Feasibility Study for a Biodigester

Quantalux was awarded a contract by the City of Ann Arbor to assess the potential for operating a biodigester for the local region. Our partners on this project are Swedish Biogas in Flint, MI, who are experts in co-feedstock management and . . . Read More

Award for Biogas/Biodiesel Refinery Demonstration

Quantalux has received an award from the USDA for a Conservation Innovation Grant for the design of a hybrid biogas/biodiesel biofuel system. Working with with Michigan State University/ ADREC and MSU Extension, we will jointly analyze the technical and . . . Read More