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Phase I SBIR Award to Quantalux

Quantalux was awarded a Phase I SBIR from NIFA/USDA in August of 2016 to develop a Decision Tool for Anaerobic Digesters at wastewater treatment plants. There are over 500 large wastewater treatment plants in the US that use anaerobic digesters to process wastewater, but only 20% of these plants use the biogas from the digesters to generate electricity or heat. Those remaining 400+ treatment plants are missing out on the benefits of renewable energy production (electricity and biofuels) and the potential cost savings offered by digestion.

The Phase I project will develop a comprehensive decision tool to help anaerobic digester operators to optimize the performance of their systems. Using a computer-based analysis tool, the financial and environmental benefits of anaerobic digesters can be calculated while balancing goals and constraints. In particular, the potential costs and benefits of co-processing food waste with sludge will be calculated.

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